First Annual Lisa Health Gift Guide

First Annual Lisa Health Gift Guide

When we sent out our survey to create our first annual Lisa gift guide we didn’t know what to expect. We figured there would be requests for nice jewelry, technology gadgets, pricey designer workout gear, and stuff like that. We couldn’t have been more wrong. The results were touching and also telling. According to our survey respondents, as midlife women, we are simply too busy and stressed out. Our legendary multi-tasking we can handle it all facade is starting to show a few cracks. Clearly, it’s time to start a new movement. Let’s call it #METIME. Make 2019 the year of you.

Without further ado, here is the list. You are going to want to forward this post to your partner and loved ones straight away.

The Gift of Time

Yes, the number one request is time. Time to read a book. Time with family and friends, especially for people who lost a loved one this year. Time to practice meditation and yoga. Time to relax. Why is the gift of time the number one gift request? Thanks, respondent B.C. for boiling it down for us, “because it is the rarest of all commodities.” In this crazy world of ours, slowing down and spending time alone or with people you love makes the most sense of all. Give yourself this gift every day in 2019. It is in your power. Make it so.



The Gift of Pampering

Another top pick is what Team Lisa calls self-care. For many respondents, this includes massages, facials, relaxing baths with candles, dinners out, and yoga class passes. Each one sounds lovely and eminently doable if we just give ourselves permission. Why? Survey respondent Kamal said it best. Pampering “helps me recharge and makes me more productive and present.” Yes, taking time out of your schedule for self-care can move the needle personally and professionally. Try getting your head around this concept in 2019. Make it your mission to get more self-care.



The Gift of Experiences

This was such a fun category. We love that you are turning away from the typical materialistic holiday gift list and focusing on memories. Allison wants to travel around Europe for a month. We are there! An anonymous respondent wants a yoga retreat in Bali. Sign us up too! Several others mentioned theater, museum, and sports tickets. We are always up for culture and fun! Make 2019 your year of experiences.



The Gift of Homemade

Like our respondent, Gillian says, “homemade shows love.” Yes, we know that homemade gifts take time. The time you don’t have (see gift number one). But there are a few quick and easy homemade items that are always a big hit.

  • Make our not-so-secret Thomas Keller caramel sauce recipe and package it in small Ball canning jars you can buy online or at many grocery stores. One hour is all you need. We swear, friends and family go crazy for the stuff and will think you are a kitchen genius!

  • Bourbon balls are a quick fool-proof no-bake gift. They are boozily delicious and keep for weeks. Like fruitcake, the longer you store them, the better they taste!

  • Bar cookies are fast and easy. Cranberry turtle bars are a festive cult classic from the archives of Gourmet Magazine. We have friends and family that wait all year for this cookie. It is the only one they want. That’s how good they are!



  • If you want an alternative to sweet treats, soup mixes make a lovely gift, especially in the winter when everyone is craving the comforting goodness that soup delivers on a cold day.


  • Limoncello is ridiculously easy to make and perfect for the cocktail and spirits lovers on your list.


  • For your beauty junkie friends, make all natural cinnamon sugar hand scrub. Bath salts are a great gift too!


  • Encourage people to lower their personal toxins by gifting essential oil perfumes. It’s a quick and inexpensive project.

This year, show the people on your list some love with a homemade gift!



That’s a wrap on our first gift guide. Let us know what you think. And, be sure to report in and tell us what you did with your gifts of time, self-care, and experiences!

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