Our Lisa Story1

Most women are unprepared for the changes in their body during midlife. The menopause transition isn’t easy and finding good support can be daunting. We struggle with symptoms for far too long, wondering why no one told us what to expect. That’s where Lisa Health comes in. Lisa Health is the first and only digital app for women’s middle life wellbeing. Founded in San Francisco, we are a team of pre, peri-, and postmenopausal female healthcare entrepreneurs, biostatisticians and technologists – plus a few men who care deeply about women’s health. Together we envision a world where midlife women’s health is a global priority, and every woman gets the support and resources she needs to have the well-being and opportunities she deserves.


Lisa Health fuses clinical research, expertise, and the latest technology to create simple, actionable, and impactful web and mobile wellbeing programs. We want to end the silence and shame associated with menopause that prevents women from learning how to prepare for this critical time in their life, lower their midlife health risks, and be their best self every day. We’re on a mission to make this happen, and we hope you’ll join us.